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JumpGo Developer Edition (Now on GitHub)

The power of the the web with the tools to build it. Jump into the world with JumpGo!

About JumpGo Developer Edition

JumpGo Developer Edition is a new fork of the JumpGo web browser application based on version 4.2.3 of JumpGo. Unlike the standard JumpGo, this new series is not identified 'version'. To clarify, the standard edition of JumpGo is grouped into different series based on version numbers (i.e. JumpGo v.4.x series). JumpGo is a VB.NET application.

This edition of JumpGo includes many new tools for web developers and also tools for Developing JumpGo Extensions and AddOns. This edition also recieves more frequent updates and new features thanks to being in a beta mode.

JumpGo User/Developer Guide

JumpGo Official Website

Features of this Edition

This edition of JumpGo includes all the standard JumpGo features but also includes web developer tools, Extension tools (coming soon), AddOn tools (coming soon) and new WindowsAPICodePack tools.

New Features

-WindowsAPICodePack navigation tools (Windows 7+)

-Aero Glass effect in tabcontrol (Windows Vista and 7 only)

-Web Source Viewer

-Webpage writer

Upcoming features



-Tracking and Cookies (option)

-Clear cache on exit (option)


We've moved! (8/28/16)

-The source for JumpGo Developer Edition for Windows has been moved to the GitHub repository of JumpGo for Windows. This is because the entire JumpGo project currently resides on GitHub. This means that the codeplex repo is no longer under active development.

We're branching into Linux! (9/24/15)

-Development begins for the new Linux version of JumpGo. (Source code will be available soon)

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