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This document will guide you through the use of the Developer Edition of JumpGo with ease. For this guide you are required to have the Developer Edition or required developer tools installed on your computer. If you do not have JumpGo Developer Edition installed on your computer this guide includes a setup and installation process guide.

JumpGo Setup and Installation

To begin the installation process please download the latest version of the setup files from the Downloads Page. Once the setup files are downloaded please navigate to the download location of the files and open the “JGSetup.exe” file. Your screen should resemble the following image.

Dev Scr 1

Continue with the installation until you reach the following screen;

Dev Scr 8

Please ensure that the “Launch JumpGo Developer Edition” checkbox is checked and proceed.

Developing Environment Setup

For this setup you will need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 installation package downloaded onto your computer. These files can be downloaded from this Microsoft page. Once downloaded please install Visual Studio 2012 on your computer and ensure you’re running the .NET Framework 4.5 or greater. Once complete you may download the source from the Downloads Page. Unzip the source code archive and move the files into the ‘Projects’ folder of your copy of Visual Studio.

Using JumpGo Developer Edition

To use the Developer Edition of JumpGo please ensure you have followed the steps outlined in the ‘JumpGo Setup an Installation’ section of this guide. Now that you’ve installed JumpGo Developer Edition you’re ready to start learning how to use it.

First, when you start any version of JumpGo for the first time you will notice that the window will open as a maximized window with a web page already loaded.

Dev Scr 9

This welcome page shows just a few features that come standard in all editions of JumpGo and does not go in-depth. To start off you should become familiar with the user interface. On the top left of your window you will notice you have an extra tab open. This tab is a beta version of the improved ‘New Tab’ button system of JumpGo. Any attempt at opening this tab will then open a new tab just as the official ‘New Tab’ button (top right of window) functions. Underneath the tabs you see a bar stretching across the window containing various controls such as navigation, web page controls and a menu button.

Press the menu button to reveal a new set of controls.

Dev Scr 10

From here open ‘Settings’ and ‘Theme Designer’.

Dev Scr 11

Now you have access to various settings such as ‘Icon Mode’, ‘Search Settings’ and ‘Themes’. AddOns and Extensions are not yet supported and thus are not included in the settings.

To access Developer Edition Only features, please return to the menu and open either ‘Web Source’ or ‘Source Writer’.

scr 10

scr 11

Thank you for taking the time to go through this guide and learn how to use JumpGo Developer Edition

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